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fashin + futbol pt. 2

  • Jun. 17th, 2010 at 2:56 PM

In the sport world everybody is talking about it, from newspapers, like La Gazzetta dello Sport, to people in changing rooms. Who will go to South Africa? Who has been chosen and what does he wear? We're used to the vanity of soccer players, but in this case elegance and the image of soccer-stars have merged together like never before: we're talking about the L'Uomo Vogue issue entirely dedicated to the World Cup in South Africa.

At first the champions were hesitant, then they got very involved in the project and today, after the release of the issue, the photographers and the stylists of the photo-shoot received an unexpected wave of text messages from the players, who were happy to appear in such a different way, elegant and fun, very far from the gross image we are so used to.

On the cover there's Samuel Eto'o, captain of Camerun, who at first seemed very detached, but then got very involved in the 'game' and even proposed variations of the poses. Gianluigi Buffon, the best goal-keeper in the world, was photographed in a tailcoat in the streets Turin and had a nice mustache made by the makeup artist.

Fabio Capello arrived on set with his idea of how he wanted to look like, whereas others took advantage of the situation and asked for some advice to the L'Uomo Vogue team to have a personal list of the 'DOs' and 'DON'Ts'. Steven Pienaar, icon of the South African national team, didn't need such an advice for sure, with his intense and magnetic face.
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This came across my Tumblr and I thought it was concurrent to our interests. Or at least mine.

So, we already know that a certain Norse God enjoys a bit of footy, but with this quick 2-minute interview with TV Guide, he mentions his beloved Hammarby IF.


(relevant info starts @ 1:30)

Now back to your regularly schedule world cup matches (OMG HAI COMMENTATOR!KLINSI!!!1!)

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auf geht's, deutschland!

  • Jun. 17th, 2010 at 3:50 PM

Every once in a while, the German national team likes to take a break from staying up late to enjoy some pizza and beer together, and train. You know, for that thing that's going on right now.

World Cup or whatever.

Toni's srs bsnss face invites you. )



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