carmensans (carmensans) wrote,

Almost doesn't count... and it didn't

If there was any question World Cup Soccer was not popular in America, those questions were put to rest Friday. The USA, with star Landon Donovan at the helm, battled a game Slovenia team that many had to search for on the map, to a 2 - 2 tie. But the World Cup Soccer match score should have been "USA vs. Slovenia: USA 3, Slovenia 2."

That the USA's third goal scored by USA sub Maurice Edu, after Landon Donovan's initial kick, wasn't counted by referee Koman Coulibaly, who called a mysterious penalty accusing the USA for being offsides when there was no evidence to back such a claim, has sent many Americans into an angry lather.

This video sums up what I've been thinking sense the match.
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